Selected works

Performance at Vilnius Art Fair (Lithuania) 2017. 
Haddou was laying inside the cross 6 hours per day during 3 days, motionless with only the hands and feet visible, accessible to the audience.
Chiasmus, pronounced Kiasmus, is a term from the Greek that means “crossing”. That is a figure of speech in which two or more clauses are related to each other through a reversal of structures in order to make a larger point. 
Film and editing: Polivas Baltinas. Photographer: Nendre Zilinskaite 
Installation at Casa Quien gallery (Santo Domingo) 2015.
Confession is an interactive installation where the audience participates by sitting inside a confessional in a total darkness and connecting their hands with the person seated in the opposite space. 
Photos: Ambiorix Martinez, Raúl Miyar, Jean Poueriet.
Performance, Museum of Modern Art (Santo Domingo), 2013.

Haddou was laying inside the boxes during 3 hours, motionless, with only the neck visible and accessible to the audience.

Photos: Raúl Miyar.
knitted armor.jpg
The pawn
Performance, FIAC Paris 2016.
As a living sculpture, I walked and posed in every gallery booth of the fair, to creating a visual dialogue with the artworks exposed while wearing a knitted armor.  
**All the artworks in the background are from the artists presented by the galleries at the Fiac art fair 2016. 
Photos: Daphné Keramidas
Performance, Museum of Modern Art (Santo Domingo), 2013.
Part of the solo show "Emergent Conscience".
Haddou was sitting on a chair inside a wool tower, knitting a wool armor, with the yarn of the tower from its base. As the costume took shape, the bottom of the tower began falling apart and slowly destroying her protection. After three hours creating the armor, she came out wearing the piece, becoming a reflection of the tower. 
Photos: Raúl Miyar, Maximo Del Castillo.
The enemy behind the wall
Interactive installation, part of the solo show "Emergent Conscience", Museum of Modern Art of Santo Domingo, 2013.

The enemy behind the wall is composed of two identical and connected cylindrical rooms. Each cabin was equipped with a screen and a camera of vigilance, filming and projecting simultaneously people's images in the opposite capsule in an infinite cycle of surveillance.

Photos: Maximo Del Castillo. 

Performance  (La Romana- Santo Domingo- New York), April to May 2012.

Untouchable is a durational performance that avoids physical contact with human beings over a period of two months. Haddou draw a circle around her to an arms distance as a border and visual reference in order to define what she determine to be (arbitrarily) her personal space.
Every country is a territory staked out by clearly defined boundaries. A territory is also an area or space around a person that he claims as his own as if it was an extension of his body.

Photos: Raúl Miyar, Jorge Paula.